Are you submitting article after article on digg and receiving little to no traffic? In this period of web 2.o Social bookmarking are among the leading trends of user generated content. Presently Digg is head of all other sites in this territory.It certain strategies that allow to ge on the front page of digg which usually get you server over load. I am no going going to disclose all the strategies of using digg but I am going to cover two.

1.Make sure your blog entry falls in one of these categories;liberal politics,religion articles,international politics,humor,for some reason ,cheesy pictures of cats,technology news, new science discoveries, work, productivity and career articles. All these categories are the most digged categories. So, If your is outside of one of these categories try to add a part or essence of one specific groups. These groups are generally the most entertaining to the average person.

2.Make sure you use copy for your headline and use an innovative approach on what you write about.Like use personal experiences and testimonies. After getting traffic their you want diggs so you could get even more traffic which sometime trickle off on other sites