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This video tells you how get pr 1-7 really quick.Trust me this is very goof Tutorial


Web 2.o is on a rampage, almost everything on the internet is designed around a social network.So if everything is built around social network why don't you use that instance to get paid.So here is a new type of marketing that is built around the old fashion television.It is called revver a site that actually pays you to have people watch your videos! So if you post videos on your blog or website you can now get paid from people watching video. Here is a video from Chris Prillo raving how good revver is


Getting quality traffic for your blog can be a grueling task because you have to know a lot of different things that involves seo(search engine optimization). So I found a video which is from mind valley that tells you a very simplistic way to get traffic to your blog without being too complicated.So, if you want so free traffic that will get your head spinning watch this video.

P.S. Here is another link where it will also teach you how to get a lot of free traffic for your blog.
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This a great marketing video that was put together by David Dangelo world renown dating expert that has mad well over 20 million dollars in his field of business. My opinion of this video if a guy has made over 20 million dollars I think he would knows a little bit about marketing.So if you are out trying to become a better internet marketer this is a video for you.


I was looking on youtube one day and I found this video that can help intermediate bloggers increase revenue. This video contains three essential things every blogger should know but most of the times are never applies . After you watch this give me feedback about this video.


Word press and Blogger are the two top blogging platforms right now . Word press is probably a little bit more popular at the moment but blogger is gaining ground. I personally like both platforms because they both bring different thins to the table. Word press is highly customizable and has a plug-in covering everything in the blog sphere. Word press may out feature blogger but its customization is based on if you are willing to pay for to edit your css. So if you really don't have any money to spare word press is not the not platform for you.

Blogger on the other hand is much more simpler than wordpress. It is also faster to be recognized by the Google search engine since blogspot is separate entity of their empire. The only thing I don't like about blogger is it is very limited on its tool. Unlike word press it only has a few dedicated programmers out there. So all in all If you want a very personally blog I would go with wordpress but if you just want to simply push out content go with blogger.


This a video from Joel Comm leading Internet marketer and world renown adsense specialist.He is famous for writing the adsense code ,a New York Times best seller. On this video he talks about 5 super strategies that can highly increase the amount of money your site makes by converting traffic into dollars. So check this out and Tell me what you think of this genius


Are you submitting article after article on digg and receiving little to no traffic? In this period of web 2.o Social bookmarking are among the leading trends of user generated content. Presently Digg is head of all other sites in this territory.It certain strategies that allow to ge on the front page of digg which usually get you server over load. I am no going going to disclose all the strategies of using digg but I am going to cover two.

1.Make sure your blog entry falls in one of these categories;liberal politics,religion articles,international politics,humor,for some reason ,cheesy pictures of cats,technology news, new science discoveries, work, productivity and career articles. All these categories are the most digged categories. So, If your is outside of one of these categories try to add a part or essence of one specific groups. These groups are generally the most entertaining to the average person.

2.Make sure you use copy for your headline and use an innovative approach on what you write about.Like use personal experiences and testimonies. After getting traffic their you want diggs so you could get even more traffic which sometime trickle off on other sites


This video gives 21 ways of getting traffic to someone site.Each step is somehing every blogger or website owner needs to know to keep their website alive.


Usually after creating a blog novices usually don't know how to get the search engines to index their site. This a video tutorial of how to get indexed by search engines faster instead of paying money to search engine submitters. I think this video could boost the trafic of intermediate bloggers too.


Deciding on which niche you are going to blog about can be one of the most grueling task imaginable because since their are almost one thousand blogs going up each day, almost every topic has been chosen . Don't worry because just like traditional businesses too have a lot of competition too. So, even if you are an so called expert in a certain field their is always someone to trump your expertise. SO the next big thing I would say is to develop a sub niche .Like take for example your niche was luxury cars , a sub niche of luxury cars would be a Bentley.Since their are so many people in the same niche I think personally it is better to come up with a sub niche and completely focus on it. This tactic will bring loads of traffic from Google because you have more content on a single word than having so many keywords with little content.


A Lotta people are using social bookmarking to generate traffic to their sites. Digg it is among the most popular social bookmarking site out there now.But my personal opinion I have more luck using Reddit. You are wondering why I think reed it works better than digg it. The reason is because on reed it you don't have to summarize your article,so basically you leave it to the recipient's imagination.Meaning without being listed on the popular page you can generate more traffic than digg it. So If you are a beginner in blogging I would suggest using reddit as your primary social bookmarking site.


Wow! I never knew earning money on the internet could be this easy. Just by having a presence online I was able to make 25 dollars.You are probably asking yourself what is this guy talking about? Well I am talking about a new advertising company called widget bucks that is undoubtedly taking online advertising by storm. All you have to do is go to the website and sign up and instantly you are qualified to receive 25 dollars and for everyone you refer you get an additional 25 dollars commission. Not only do you receive referral bonuses you revive an oppurtunity to use some of the best ppc advertisement on the net. And on average pays more than Google adsense. So if you are an blogger like you don't want to miss out on oppurtunity like this. Here is the banner.
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If you have been following the marketing world you have seen many trend of marketing or types. But what I am going to mention is a new type of marketing that revolves around Blog Marketing and Affiliate marketing. The term I have coined is called Swing Marketing. Swing marketing has been used ever since blogs have been commercial introduced to the internet community. Swinging (I am not talking about switching husbands or wives) involves basically someone who is blogging about some new trendy product but yet instill it their niche. Example of this like someone is blogging about movies but talk about and then they mention how they can put movies on their iphone and next week they talk about movies on their ipod.

I think so far this is one of the mos powerful forms of marketing. Because you are indirectly appealing to other interest with out directly selling to them . so you probably can monetize traffic that has absolutely nothing to do with you niche but they love certain products. Just give them a few links referring them to certain products can make you the another internet millionaire.


What is better than digg or social bookmarking site out there for bringing consistent traffic to your website.No, it is not forum marketing or adwords, guess one more time.... Ok you give up.
Let me start off with this principle," it is better to give than receive".So here is the answer , the answer is ...........................................................................

Using other blogs and making trackback comments. I bet you are thinking this kinda bland and you are right the most effective ways of doing anything are usually the simplest. Also by answer comments on other people's blog you do a community service.You should keep in mind you should go to blogs with a lot traffic and please don't spam. This gives highly targeted traffic which means you can use certain affiliate and advertisement built around your niche to monetize your charitable deeds.


Hello everyone ,thanks for coming to Monetize Marketing your elite source marketing /business advice. Over the course of time ,marketing has existed in may forms ,from Early A.D. to modern times and also it has developed into hundreds of forms.So, what I am going to do is take you on a momentous expedition examining these techniques and of course present breaking news in the marketing community.

So, if you are guy like me and can't find your marketing style we will give an assortment of techniques that will allow you to be omni marketing oriented. All I have left to say is stay tuned