Word press and Blogger are the two top blogging platforms right now . Word press is probably a little bit more popular at the moment but blogger is gaining ground. I personally like both platforms because they both bring different thins to the table. Word press is highly customizable and has a plug-in covering everything in the blog sphere. Word press may out feature blogger but its customization is based on if you are willing to pay for to edit your css. So if you really don't have any money to spare word press is not the not platform for you.

Blogger on the other hand is much more simpler than wordpress. It is also faster to be recognized by the Google search engine since blogspot is separate entity of their empire. The only thing I don't like about blogger is it is very limited on its tool. Unlike word press it only has a few dedicated programmers out there. So all in all If you want a very personally blog I would go with wordpress but if you just want to simply push out content go with blogger.