If you have been following the marketing world you have seen many trend of marketing or types. But what I am going to mention is a new type of marketing that revolves around Blog Marketing and Affiliate marketing. The term I have coined is called Swing Marketing. Swing marketing has been used ever since blogs have been commercial introduced to the internet community. Swinging (I am not talking about switching husbands or wives) involves basically someone who is blogging about some new trendy product but yet instill it their niche. Example of this like someone is blogging about movies but talk about and then they mention how they can put movies on their iphone and next week they talk about movies on their ipod.

I think so far this is one of the mos powerful forms of marketing. Because you are indirectly appealing to other interest with out directly selling to them . so you probably can monetize traffic that has absolutely nothing to do with you niche but they love certain products. Just give them a few links referring them to certain products can make you the another internet millionaire.