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This video tells you how get pr 1-7 really quick.Trust me this is very goof Tutorial


Web 2.o is on a rampage, almost everything on the internet is designed around a social network.So if everything is built around social network why don't you use that instance to get paid.So here is a new type of marketing that is built around the old fashion television.It is called revver a site that actually pays you to have people watch your videos! So if you post videos on your blog or website you can now get paid from people watching video. Here is a video from Chris Prillo raving how good revver is


Getting quality traffic for your blog can be a grueling task because you have to know a lot of different things that involves seo(search engine optimization). So I found a video which is from mind valley that tells you a very simplistic way to get traffic to your blog without being too complicated.So, if you want so free traffic that will get your head spinning watch this video.

P.S. Here is another link where it will also teach you how to get a lot of free traffic for your blog.
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This a great marketing video that was put together by David Dangelo world renown dating expert that has mad well over 20 million dollars in his field of business. My opinion of this video if a guy has made over 20 million dollars I think he would knows a little bit about marketing.So if you are out trying to become a better internet marketer this is a video for you.


I was looking on youtube one day and I found this video that can help intermediate bloggers increase revenue. This video contains three essential things every blogger should know but most of the times are never applies . After you watch this give me feedback about this video.


Word press and Blogger are the two top blogging platforms right now . Word press is probably a little bit more popular at the moment but blogger is gaining ground. I personally like both platforms because they both bring different thins to the table. Word press is highly customizable and has a plug-in covering everything in the blog sphere. Word press may out feature blogger but its customization is based on if you are willing to pay for to edit your css. So if you really don't have any money to spare word press is not the not platform for you.

Blogger on the other hand is much more simpler than wordpress. It is also faster to be recognized by the Google search engine since blogspot is separate entity of their empire. The only thing I don't like about blogger is it is very limited on its tool. Unlike word press it only has a few dedicated programmers out there. So all in all If you want a very personally blog I would go with wordpress but if you just want to simply push out content go with blogger.


This a video from Joel Comm leading Internet marketer and world renown adsense specialist.He is famous for writing the adsense code ,a New York Times best seller. On this video he talks about 5 super strategies that can highly increase the amount of money your site makes by converting traffic into dollars. So check this out and Tell me what you think of this genius